Dr. Angel Chen

Dr. Chen was trained in Dentistry at the University of Toronto. After graduating in 1997, she completed one year of general residency in Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital. Since then she has been practising in several private dental clinics, with some years in Toronto before practising in Vancouver for eight years. Her  varied experiences as a hospital resident and in private clinics have made Dr. Chen a well-rounded dentist, who is capable of providing a wide range of services to a diverse patient base. Being a mother of two, Dr. Chen is also able to help and motivate many young patients to maintain long term oral health.

In the past many years, Dr. Chen has devoted herself to  continuing her education  and constantly updating her skills and treatment philosophy. She has extensively studied how teeth alignment intricately influences airway breathing, jaw joint health (Temporomandibular joint i.e. TMJ), as well as whole body physiology and posture. She is able to help people with TMJ pain, headaches, teeth grinding and clenching problems.

Other than General Dentistry, Dr. Chen has also taken  extensive training in Cosmetic Dentistry, including braces for children and adults, full mouth reconstruction, and Botox wrinkle reduction treatment. Her goal is to provide complete services to patients in dental health, function as well as aesthetics. She is dedicated to her work and committed to providing the highest level of care. Dr. Chen is a  strong believer in prevention and has put high emphasis on educating patients along with providing excellent clinical dental treatment to ensure long term benefits to patients.

This year, Dr. Angel Chen has finally opened up her own private clinic. For many  years, she  envisioned a clinic with a warm, welcoming environment and the most up-to-date equipment to complement her treatment philosophy. At “LOVE MY SMILE Dental”, she is looking forward to serving all her patients and assisting them in optimizing their overall well-being through dental health. She welcomes you and your loved ones to her clinic.