Setting Ourselves Apart

A smile makes all the difference. Beautiful smiles radiate joy, excitement, health, and vitality. A new smile can change your life.

Excellent Dental Care – From the smallest design details in our clinic environment to our state-of-the-art-equipment, from the training of our supporting staff to the excellent clinical skills of our dentists and hygienists, we are a team of open-minded professionals who devote ourselves to helping our patients achieve optimal dental health. We value   continuing education by constantly updating ourselves with the latest technologies and treatment philosophies. We take pride in what we do and strive to provide the most excellent level of care to our patients.

Your Comfort is Our Priority – We understand that many of us can be a bit anxious when it comes to dental visits and we wants to help you combat this fear factor. We have a warm and welcoming environment, a cheerful and supporting staff, and approachable and caring clinicians. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible so we can help you achieve the optimal long-term dental health. Feel free to come by our clinic to meet our team and experience our hospitality.

Whole Body Approach Dentistry – Don’t think teeth are just teeth! As magical as our human body can be, everything in our body is intricately related. For example, one’s bite can affect posture, bite problems can cause headaches and shoulder pain, gum problems are related to heart problems. There’s no doubt that dental health strongly affects our whole body health and vice versa. We keep our patients’ whole body in mind even when we treatment plan for one single tooth so we can assist you in achieving not only optimal dental health, but also overall body health. We use our expertise and our many years of experience to honestly assess your dental concerns and formulate a treatment plan that best suits your specific needs.

Prevention from Day One – Our philosophy is to provide our patients with complete treatment options as well as educating them about their state of oral health. We also provide information to expecting parents as to how they can help optimize their children’s dental health way in advance. Many dental problems are preventable; these include cavities, gum problems, or even teeth crowding. Other than solving dental problems, we also take pride as educators and promotors of dental health. Please visit the Patient Education section or contact us for more information. We think one step ahead, which is PREVENTION! A Beautiful Smile Starts From Day One.

We specialize in creating beautiful smiles – There are many elements that contribute to a beautiful smile: colour, texture, shapes, smile curve, teeth alignment, facial features, etc. Our clinicians are highly trained in aesthetic dentistry so that we pay attention to every detail. At Love My Smile Dental, our goal is to hear every one of our patients say to their friends and family, “I LOVE MY SMILE!”


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