Patient Testimonials

Thinking back when I turned 40 years old, I would never have thought that I needed braces. Well, I was wrong. In order to maintain my own teeth, I was introduced to braces. I was scared and confused, but Dr. Angel Chen took the time and patience to explain to me the benefits, costs, and effects to the whole procedure. It took me almost 2 years before I had the courage to accept the idea and go ahead with the procedure.

Now that my braces are off, the results of my teeth are better than I have ever expected. Of course, there were many uncomfortable moments during the process of having braces in my mouth; Dr. Chen was always comforting and encouraging during these times. The staff at the clinic is kind and compassionate. As such, they have helped me to endure this challenging journey.

My experience with Love My Smile Dental Clinic has been most rewarding. The clinic provides patients with the most advanced dental equipment and technology. The environment is warm and cozy with a spa-like feel. The staffs are friendly and courteous.

Dr. Angel Chen is one of those doctors who constantly better herself by acquiring new knowledge and technology from the industry, thus benefiting her patients well. Her work goes beyond Dentistry; she educates her patients on how our teeth & mouth affect the balance of our face, body & mind. She incorporates various therapeutic techniques to help ease any discomfort on our body that might have been caused by our dental health.

I highly recommend Love My Smile Dental Clinic and Dr. Angel Chen to anyone who is seeking a dentist that is compassionate, listens well, and has the patience to encourage you to be courageous with your dental needs.

Susan F., Patient
Orthodotic Treatment, Whitening, Porcelain Crown


I was always terrified of dentists, as I grew up with teeth that have given me incredible discomfort, pain, and insecurity (when I smiled). I was reluctant to seek professional help in terms of reconstruction.

When I met Dr. Chen and Staff, my fears and insecurities were put at ease with their care and concern. My whole experience was of minimal discomfort and now I have a beautiful smile I am proud of.

Dr. Angel Chen and her staffs were truly angels.

Susan E., Patient
3 Month Orthodontic Treatment, Full Mouth Reconstruction


Moving into a new area, knowing nobody, carries some risks. One of the risks is choosing a dentist without a recommendation. So I looked for a practitioner that, for a start, showed they had some pride in appearance in their business. I thought my first visit would let me decide whether I would stay with my choice.

There was just such a place near my home…named Love my Smile Dental, so I made an appointment. When I arrived I was immediately pleased with the facility; a clean, professionally decorated facility, with new dental equipment. I was happy to find that they were interested in a complete understanding of my dental health. After a thorough cleaning and assessment of my teeth, photos, and some discussion, I had more understanding of my dental situation than I had ever had, or expected to have. Dr. Chen identified the cause of a problem I had been having and sent me to a specialist. The problem was confirmed and corrected. I was impressed.

I don’t know how Dr. Chen found her staff, however she either has had good fortune or amazing insight guiding her; in short they are great. Their professionalism and friendly attitude makes going to the dentist a pleasant experience. I have absolute confidence in each of them. They have provided the best, best dental service I could imagine. As a result of my experience, I continue to use Love My Smile Dental for all my dental health care needs.

Over the years, I’ve had bumps and bangs to my front teeth resulting in 2 significantly chipped teeth and 1 brown tooth. With the confidence I’ve gained in the Love My Smile team, I decided to have those teeth repaired with veneers. The result is that I now smile with confidence and I’m proud of my smile. I hadn’t realized it but I rarely smiled. My daughter had never told me that she noticed I didn’t smile. She wondered why and mentioned her friends had commented on it. After seeing my new and happy smile she told me about it. Now I Love My Smile and understand the name Dr. Chen chose for her practice.

Thank you Love My Smile Dental. You made me Love My Smile!

Gerry G., Patient
10 Veneers, Teeth Whitening


親愛的朋友,我是Jennifer Qiu,我現在想把我的美齒經歷與大家分享,分享我的驚喜,分享我的故事。


後來在2010年我全家移民來到溫哥華,無意中在我兒子就讀的學校裡,認識了同班同學的媽媽,她剛好是“Love My Smile"牙醫診所的牙醫助理。在她送給我她的兒子的生日禮物中,看到了Dr. Chen 的名片。就這樣的偶遇,我來到“Love My Smile"牙醫診所。

由於我自己牙齒的原因,我一直對我孩子們的牙齒健康問題非常重視。起初,我只是讓我的兒子和女兒來檢查牙齒。到後來,我開始有了改變我自己牙齒的想法。是"Love My Smile"這句話打動了我。我覺得不管任何人,任何年齡,都有改變自己的權利和機會。所以我要抓住這個能改變我微笑魅力的機遇。


其實到後來才發現,我牙齒的最難根治的問題就是顏色。在和Dr. Chen的討論後,決定用牙齒鑲瓷的方法,給我的牙齒進行徹底根治。


現在我很滿意我的微笑,每當我微笑時,我都沒有了以前一直纏繞我的顧慮。重拾了微笑的自信。 “Love My Smile"從給自己改變的信心和機會開始,愛上我的牙齒,愛上我的微笑!


Jennifer Q., Patient
Orthodontic Treatment, Veneers

My Smile Make-over Story… (translated from Chinese original)

Dear friends, my name is Jennifer Qiu, and I would like to share about my Smile Make-over experience. I will share with you my pleasant surprises.

I was born in Beijing in 1976. As a young child, my immunity was weak and I would often catch colds and become sick. I never knew that certain medication could harm my teeth. Unknowingly, I took this type of medication that eventually discoloured my teeth – from white to yellow – permanently. More over, my teeth were also misaligned; as a result, I’ve always tried to hide my teeth while smiling.

In 2010 my family and I moved to Canada, and thereafter I met my son’s classmate’s mother who happened to be a staff member at Love My Smile Dental. In the birthday gift she gave to my son, I found Dr. Chen’s business card. Just like that, I paid a visit to Love My Smile dental clinic.

Due to the condition of my teeth, I developed a strong sense of how important dental care is for my children. At first, it was only my son and my daughter who received check-ups at Love My Smile Dental. Soon after, I began to change my mind about my own teeth. It was the phrase “Love My Smile” that really struck my heart. I feel that any person, regardless of their age, has the right and the opportunity to make a change. So I took the opportunity to transform my smile.

Beauty requires courage and determination. Starting with orthodontics to widen the arches of my teeth, I was persistent in caring properly for my teeth while enduring some minor discomfort. Under the treatment and encouragement of Dr. Chen, ten months went by. The arches of my teeth were widened, my misaligned teeth were straightened, and I began to see a ray of hope.

I later discovered that the most challenging problem for me was the colour of my teeth. After further discussion with Dr. Chen, I decided to fundamentally treat the problem with porcelain veneers.

Throughout the process of creating the porcelain veneers, the Dr. Chen and her staffs were very professional and attentive to detail every step of the way. I felt very secure through out the entire treatment and had no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.  Even today, I can still recall the entire process of my treatment.  One thing that I appreciated the most was that Dr. Chen and her staffs worked through their lunch breaks in order to help me complete my treatment as soon as possible.   The dentist and assistants would “go hungry” with me!  For that I feel very touched, and am truly grateful.

I am now very satisfied with my smile. I no longer have the same worries that I used to have when I smiled. I have regained my confidence back. “Love My Smile” begins with the opportunity of taking a leap of faith for a change.  I fall in love with my teeth, and fall in love with my smile all over again!

My personal reflection of this smile make-over experience is:  Determination for change and persistent effort will bring you the results you long for.

Wishing everyone a beautiful smile and a beautiful life.

J.Qu, Patient


ewTo Angel and her Team:

I would like to thank you and everyone in your office that has made my experience very warm and sincere for the last 2 months.

Even though I have known Angel on a personal basis for many years, my contact with her as a dental professional helped me decide to do the Porcelain Restoration treatment. The preparation by your team was very careful on every step. I am afraid of the needles, and Angel did a very good job making me feel at ease during the two sessions of treatment. The whole procedure was very smooth and detailed and I am very pleased with the end results, with many compliments from my family and friends.

I now have made a decision to start a new relationship with this dental office because of the exceptional service that I was provided; you all treat me like a family member that likes to be treated.

Yesterday I went shopping with my friends at Pacific Centre and took few photos with my new teeth under the Christmas trees with a biggest smile ever, I love it.

Wishing you all Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!

Eva W., Patient
Porcelain Restoration Treatment


jcI was recommended to Dr. Angel Chen, who is known as not only a dentist, but a true expert and perfectionist who holds high standards towards her profession.

During my first consultation, I was very impressed by Dr. Chen’s detailed explanations on how she addressed my concerns about my teeth and can create a lovely smile for me. For many years, I’ve always dreamed of having healthy, neat, and tidy teeth; here, I was given a chance to meet the dentist whom I could trust putting my teeth onto her hands. I’m also very impressed by the advanced technology she uses in her clinic, and the knowledge of her supporting staffs; they spent hours explaining step-by-step on how the whole dental treatment would be performed, at the same time educating me on how to take care of my teeth now and in the future. During each visits of my progress, I experienced a high level of dental care in a warm environment from Dr. Chen, the hygienist, and the friendly, welcoming front desk staffs.

Thank you, Dr. Chen, for patiently working on my teeth with such a high level of precision. You have given me healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. I have never been so happy with my teeth until now.

In my experiences with Dr. Chen and her supportive staffs, I strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for high quality dental care and educational support. You will be truly satisfied when you walk out of this office.

Judy C., Patient


vcI did not consider restoring my teeth much before coming to Love My Smile Dental; I knew my teeth were quite worn down and it was becoming more visible over time. After seeing and inquiring with people who have used Smile Design to restore their teeth, I decided to inquire further. I did not have to look very far, because I found Dr. Angel Chen. The confidence and knowledge in her had helped me make a life-changing decision.

With a busy lifestyle and an impatient personality, I wanted the treatment to be completed as fast as possible. It took time and commitment from my busy schedule, but the whole process was easier than I thought! I came with the expectation that it would be too time-consuming, painful, and frustrating. It was not as bad as I thought; in fact, it was better than I thought. I expected the procedure to be more complicated, which it wasn’t. If I were to do it over again, I would, seeing and feeling the results that Dr. Angel Chen and her Dental Team had provided me.

This is what I would say to other patients: if you want to improve your smile, I would advise you to do it. It has been a rewarding experience and I have received many compliments from people around me. I look and feel younger and better. The benefits have all been positive; it’s a great new service and technology that people should take advantage of. My family likes it, my friends like, and I like it. My smile feels great and the function of my teeth has been vastly improved.

With Dr. Angel Chen, I felt I was dealing with a sincere and honest dentist, and I would highly recommend her to anyone for all their dental needs. She is so good I would even let her operate on me if she were a surgeon!

The investment I put on my teeth was well worth it. I’m wearing and seeing my smile all the time, and it was value well spent.

Valentino C., Patient